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Game Room


Welcome to the game room! Stick around and enjoy our wide assortment of games for your enjoyment.

SCRABBLE: A real, online remake of the popular game (not affiliated with Hasbro), that allows you to play Scrabble with 3 of your friends through the email! Make a sends an email to your friends, who then log on and make a move...Check it out...this is so cool!

PONG: A cyber remake of the old classic. It's actually easier to play real ping-pong! Give this a try!

SCUD BLASTER: You're sending Patriot missles against incoming scuds. Train the crosshairs on them and blow them out of the sky before they reach allied forces!

MINESWEEPER: If you don't have minesweeper with your Windows OS, well, no problem. We have it right here for you!

CONCENTRATION: A memory-based game...knock out all the pictures on the board by matching them two by two, based on where you remember seeing them! Loads of fun!

DARTS: Yes, play darts...either 301 or 501. Just line up the vertical shot and the horizontal shot, and let the dart go!

SIMON SAYS: Simon says play this game! Using different skill levels, click the colors in the pattern that Simon says!

SQUARES: For two players, try to build the squares and fill the board with your squares by blocking your opponent's attempt to do the same!

BATTLESHIP: Based on the famous Battleship board game...try to sink all the computer's ships before it sinks yours!

CONNECT FOUR: Based on the famous Connect 4 board game...Players take turns dropping pieces into the columns of the board, trying to connect four same-coloured pieces. The computer tracks wins and draws automatically individually a game or match set. Awesome!


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Download games to your computer from Shield of Faith Entertainment:

CATZ: Follow CATZ, as he breaks out his feline friends who have been imprisoned by the dog soldiers... Download Now!

ALIEN ATTACK: Based on the old arcade game.                Download Now!

ANGEL & SATAN: A nice puzzle in six moves...not as easy as it sounds!
Download Now!



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